How does the BlockFi credit card work?

BlockFi's Cash Back Program Explained

BlockFi is a cash back rewards program that offers 1.5% on every purchase you make, but the benefits don’t go into cryptocurrency right away – instead they come as traditional dollars and then get converted to crypto each month at an exchange rate set by market conditions (which means it can take some time). There’s also no annual maximum for how much crypto rewards you can earn. 


How much does the BlockFi card cost?

Is this crypto rewards program free? Yes – at least as far as the annual fee goes, there is a $0 membership fee. Obviously there are fees for not paying your credit card back on time or keeping a balance month to month. If you pay your full balance before it is due, this card is free to use. We’ll talk about how to pre-qualify in the next section.

How do I prequalify for the BlockFi card?

The BlockFi credit card allows you to use a pre-qualification tool to see if you qualify for the credit card before harming your credit score. We’ll link to the form down below. 

3.5% cash back blockfi credit card review
Apply on BlockFi's Website

If you’re interested in learning more about the BlockFi credit card, check out our comprehensive review here. We keep the current intro offer and promotions up to date and you can read an in depth review by a crypto analyst.

BlockFi Card Alternatives

If you’re interested in BlockFi credit card alternatives, that also earn crypto rewards – check out these options:

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