How to Double Dip Rewards with BlockFi

BlockFi has recently introduced a rewards credit card that gives you Bitcoin back on every purchase. As you accumulate rewards, there is a way to “double dip” with your rewards to earn even more. If you don’t have a BlockFi credit card, you can check if you would qualify for one here: Check If I Qualify

Here are the steps to follow to double dip your credit card rewards and make the most of your BlockFi Credit Card:

1) Setup recurring purchases or make enough purchases to start accumulating Bitcoin as a rewards. 

2) Setup a BlockFi interest account.

3) Transfer your rewards into the BlockFi interest account

4) Start staking your Bitcoin rewards in the BlockFi Interest account to earn interest on your rewards. 

With benefits like these, it’s hard to imagine that crypto reward credit cards don’t take over the card industry. If you would like to read a more comprehensive review of the BlockFi Rewards credit card, check out our review here.

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