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Celsius Credit Card Review

Celsius Credit Card Rating:


What we expect:

- Celsius is in the lab right now working on an EPIC crypto credit card. Their current tagline is “earn when you spend, earn when you don’t.” We expect to see some competitive cash back programs as well as crypto staking rewards. Click “Join the Waitlist” to stay up to date!


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In-depth Celsius Credit Card Review

Why the Celsius Credit Card?

We've broken down the speculated features of the Celsius Credit Card into three categories (1) Rewards Program (2) Membership Benefits and (3) Other Features. Keep reading for more details.

No Annual Fee

According to the wait list landing page, Celsius is planning to have zero fees - including no annual fees, no late payment fees, no foreign transaction fees, no ATM fees. If they can pull this off, this would be one of the lowest cost crypto cards on the market.

Crypto Rewards

Although the Celsius crypto card is still in development, we know some of the considerations at play when it comes to potential rewards. Two of the key features here will be earning when you spend (cash back) and earning when you don’t (staking). The cash back functionality will likely be between 1-3% cash back in the form of crypto of your choice. Then, if you don’t want to use your rewards you’ll be able to stake them at an APY determined by the Celsius network. Celsius is planning to have the most cryptocurrencies to choose from amongst any active crypto rewards program.


Interviews with several Celsius team members have revealed that they are aggressively developing a credit card that is supposed to be the “best credit card in the world.” They feel they can provide more ways to earn, build credit, and use your crypto in the real world by introducing the upcoming Celsius credit card. We’ve brought together available information to give you a summary of the rewards, fees, and features that are being incorporated into this credit card.

Potential Downsides

The biggest potential downsides are customer support and execution of promised features. Often times FinTech companies like Celsius have an idea for a great product, but once it is released the best features have been removed or are not available. Another pitfall is the servicing, keep an eye out for customer service ratings and contact Celsius beforehand to get a feel for how they take care of their customers. When I used the Celsius website's chat, they did not let me connect to a live agent. This is potentially a red flag since larger credit card issuers like American Express, Chase, and Capital One have online support that is easily available.


This card has the potential to be the best crypto credit card EVER. If Celsius can fulfill on their side, we'll see the first card that is truly a "crypto credit card". Keep an eye on this one and we will continue to update this article as more info becomes available.

Learn more about the Celsius Network.

Celsius Credit Card Alternatives

Since Celsius Network isn’t going to be offering this credit card anytime soon. Check out some of the card alternatives including Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards Card, BlockFi Credit Card, and the Gemini Credit Card.

Complete Card Details

Rewards Rate

Predicted: Up to 3% on special categories.

Welcome Bonus

Unknown at this time.

Typical Credit Score

Good, Excellent

Intro Annual Fee


Annual Fee


Additional User Annual Fee


Foreign Transaction Fee


Intro Purchase APR


Regular Purchase APR

Predicted: 12.99 - 19.99%

Cash Advance Fee


Cash Advance APR

Predicted: 12.99 - 19.99%

Late Fee


Intro Balance Transfer APR


Regular Balance Transfer APR


Penalty APR


Balance Transfer Fee


Return Payment Fee


Minimum Deposit


Credit Card Network


Credit Card Issuer


Celsius Crypto Visa Credit Card FAQ

Does the Celsius network have a credit card?

Yes, the Celsius network has a credit card in development that is not available yet, but you can join their waitlist to get updates. We did!

Is there an alternative to the Celsius credit card?

There are several similar cards that can earn you crypto on every purchase, such as BlockFi, Gemini, SoFI, and Upgrade's Bitcoin Rewards credit card. We recommend looking into SoFi if you are interested in getting a card today.

What credit score do I need for the Celsius credit card?

The exact credit score criteria hasn’t been revleaved, but based on the features for this card we would expect you need to have Good or Excellent credit.

What cryptocurrencies can I earn with the Celsius credit card?

The official list has not been finalized, but you can expect to be able to earn Bitcoin, Ethereum, Cardano, Solana, Dogecoin and other popular coins.

How do I join the wait list?

You can join the waitlist by clicking the sign up button below. Our waitlist will notify you of the release of the Celsius Credit Card and the release of similar products.

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Celsius Credit Card Review