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Best Crypto Rewards Credit Cards of 2022

Compare our recommended crypto credit cards for our partners. The crypto credit card space is new and we will be adding more options as they become available. Apply securely on each partner's website online by clicking APPLY NOW.

best overall crypto credit cards - Blockfi Visa bitcoin rewards credit card

On BlockFi's secure site


Rewards Rate

Earn 1.5% Bitcoin back on eligible purchases, 2% APY on Bitcoin holdings and 3.5% in Bitcoin for first 3 months.

Easy Approval Process

Easily see if you're pre-approved within minutes without impacting your credit score

Upgrade bitcoin rewards credit card

On Upgrade's secure site


Rewards Rate

Break down large payments into predictable smaller amounts + earn Bitcoin on every purchase.

Boost Your Credit

Reports to all 3 credit bureaus and builds your credit score when used responsibly

best for fair alt coin - SoFi DeFi rewards credit card

On SoFi's secure site


Low Purchase APR

Competitve APR and predictable payments make for a great fit for larger purchases

Rewards Rate

Earn 2% unlimited crypto back on card purchases. 16+ cryptocurrencies currently available.

Lowest Crypto Fees - Visa blockcard crypto rewards credit card

On BlockCard's secure site


Blockcard is considered a veteran in the crypto credit card arena

Mastercard Network

Use your card wherever Visa is accepted with low fees to purchase cryptocurrency.

What is a crypto credit card?

Currently, crypto credit cards are a CrossFi product, meaning that they mix the decentralized finance (DeFi) world with traditional finance (TradFi). You'll still be paying with traditional currency and your credit limit will be in fiat rather than an amount in crypto. Most of the cards available are allowing you to earn cryptocurrency rather than spend it. We expect that options to be able to spend crypto are on the horizon and monitoring these projects closely.

Why are these cards at the top of our best crypto cards of 2022 list?​

All of the cards we have selected come with an app that makes it easy to manage your credit card. Top features include daily transaction reports, crypto investment portfolio management, and redeeming your rewards for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrency in the app. These apps make it easy to make payments online and some even let you see how your credit score is changing monthly. In almost all cases, you can virtually add your card Apply Pay or Android Wallet to pay without needing the physical card. If you prefer a physical card, you'll receive it upon being approved after application. Two potential benefits for a physical card is contactless payment in-store and temporarily freezing your card if gets lost or stolen.

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Earn crypto anywhere.

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