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Gemini Credit Card Review

Gemini Credit Card with Crypto Rewards

On Gemini's secure site

Gemini Crypto Rewards MasterCard®

Our Rating:
Our Rating

Why we love this card:

- Up to 3% cash back (rewards categories TBD)

- Crypto Redemption program makes investing in crypto easier and cheaper than using FIAT.

-Gemini's app to manage your crypto is sexy and sleek.

Easy Approval Process

The Gemini credit card is now accepting applicants. Go to the landing page by clicking "Get Started". You will need to create a Gemini account before applying.

Gemini Mastercard

The credit card for investors.
$ 0 Annual Fee
  • Up to 3% cash back*
  • No Annual Fee
  • Rewards in Bitcoin + 50 other cryptos
Bonus Offer


Editorial Disclosure

What is the Gemini Credit Card?

The long-awaited Gemini credit card is finally here! Having been in the works for over a year, Gemini revealed that this card has earning categories up to 3% cash back (in the form of your favorite cryptocurrency). The card is available to pre-qualified individuals that have a Gemini account and applications are open to the public since June 22, 2022.

What makes this even better than your average plastic? Not only do you get paid back with crypto, but also its security-based foundation means that there are more safeguards in place to protect your finances. Plus, Gemini has introduced this card with a $0 annual fee, but still packed plenty of features in.

If you’re a crypto enthusiast, there’s a good chance you’ve heard of the Gemini Credit Card. But what is it, and what can you do with it? In this post, we’ll break down everything you need to know about the Gemini Credit Card, including how to get one and what kinds of benefits it offers. If you’re not excited, we’ll also give you a couple alternative cards to check out towards the end. Let’s dive in.

Gemini Card Highlights

The Gemini Mastercard® with Crypto Rewards is perfect for all of you crypto enthusiasts out there. This is an innovative way to earn crypto instead of lousy miles, points or whatever your normal credit card does. It's got up to 3% cash back (but on limited categories) and what makes it unique compared to BlockFi or Sofi is that you can instantly access your crypto rewards and deposit them into your account.

Gemini Credit Card - Color Options

Card Customization

You have three colors to choose from when designing your credit card: black, silver, and rose gold. The black card is our favorite and makes the card stand out in a line-up. When you hold the card in person, you may notice it almost has a shimmer to it when the light hits it. Gemini may add more colors or customization, but out the gate you only have these three options. Gemini does not allow you to pick your own card background or color from scratch.



Welcome Bonus

Gemini does not currently offer an intro bonus. This surprised us a little bit since SoFi and BlockFi both launched their cards with an intro bonus. If you only like crypto credit cards with intro bonuses, we've got you covered.

No Annual Fee

The Gemini Credit Card has no annual fee so you can get the card not be worried about paying a fee without using the card perks. No annual fee cards are great because you can keep them open with no cost (as long as your balance is paid off) to help increase the age of your line of credits. The age of your line of credit can help increase your credit score.

Cash Back Rewards

The rewards are great for investors and HODLers. You'll earn up to 3% on every purchase as long as it fits within the rewards categories. The reward tiers are 3% for dining, 2% on groceries, and 1% for everything else. You get to decide which cryptocurrency you'd like to receive your rewards in. The price of your crypto is purchased is determined by the lowest sell order on Gemini Exchange’s order book - so Gemini will use acquire your crypto at the lowest price possible for you.

No all purchases are eligible for rewards - here are the exempt ones we found:

You are automatically enrolled in this card's rewards program which allows you to earn cash back on eligible purchases and qualifying transactions - this list we have made is based off of other rewards cards in the same Mastercard tier so it's our best guess and not an official list from Gemini.

How to Choose Your Rewards

You can choose which cryptocurrency you earn as you spend with your Gemini credit card. Here is how you pick which crypto you earn:

  • Open the Gemini App
  • Login with your account
  • Click on the card icon on the bottom banner of the app
  • Click “Change Reward” 
  • Select the crypto you want to earn

We found the process to choose your reward to be easy and straightforward. You can pick from over 60+ cryptocurrencies to earn with the Gemini card. These include ERC tokens, stable coins, and even meme coins.

Best Rewards Options

With over 60 different options to choose from, which options are th best to pick from the rewards list? Always do your own research, but we like the following options:

  • Matic
  • Chainlink
  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • Solana
  • Gemini Dollar (can be staked at a high APY)
  •  Wrapped Centrifuge
  • Bitcoin
  • Decentraland
  • Shiba Inu / Doge (ultra risky)
  • Axie Infinity
  • Quant
During a bear market, most of these coins will lose 90%+ of their volume, but when another crypto bull run hits, then gain potential is insane. We would have liked to see more Metaverse tokens and DeFi tokens on this list, but overall we give the selection a B+. Our favorite part is how quickly and easily you can change your reward in the app.


Gemini is new to the credit card game, so expect issues with their app and customer support at launch unless they invest a lot into it beforehand. Also, if you pick a risky currency or meme coin for your rewards - be aware that the rewards could significantly lose their value during a bear market or crypto winter.

Gemini - Name customization on credit card

Sleek Back of Card Design

Your name will appear on the back of the Gemini card instead of the front like most credit cards do. In our opinion, this design is very futuristic and gives the card a high end look. The card itself is metal so it feels luxurious and sturdy when you are holding the physical card.


The Gemini Credit Card could be the best credit card with crypto rewards for the everyday spender. With several spending categories in the 3% rewards range and instant access to crypto- the Gemini card stands out as a clear winner. We see this as an easy choice for someone who wants to earn crypto with their credit card on a reliable platform. For individuals looking for a secure, user friendly, and widely supported crypto card, the Gemini card is the right one for you. The instant rewards feature is a huge bonus to this card, especially due to the volatile nature of some cryptocurrencies. One drawback to this card is that if you’re not spending at dining locations or grocery stores, you’re only earning 1% back, which can be beaten by other competitors. To learn more about crypto credit cards in general, check out our article, “What is a crypto credit card?” 

Want Gemini Card alternatives?

Gemini’s credit card may not be for everyone. If they don’t have the cryptocurrency you would like to earn or are interested in a card from a different exchange – there are options from BlockFi, SoFi, and Abra as well. If you are interested in alternative credit cards similar to Gemini, check out these cards:

(1) The BlockFi Crypto Rewards Card

(2) SoFi Credit Card 

(3) Abra Crypto Rewards Card

(4) Celsius Credit Card


Complete Card Details (APR, Bonus, Fees)

Rewards Rate

Up to 3% cash back

Welcome Bonus


Typical Credit Score

Good, Excellent

Intro Annual Fee


Annual Fee


Additional User Annual Fee


Foreign Transaction Fee


Intro Purchase APR


Regular Purchase APR


Cash Advance Fee

5%, Min: $10

Cash Advance APR


Late Fee

Up to $39

Intro Balance Transfer APR


Regular Balance Transfer APR


Penalty APR


Balance Transfer Fee

5%, Min: $10

Return Payment Fee

Up to $39

Minimum Deposit


Credit Card Network


Credit Card Issuer


Gemini MasterCard Credit Card FAQ

What is the minimum credit score required to apply for Gemini Crypto Credit Card?

This information is currently not available. Please refer to the card terms and conditions for more details.

What is the Intro Annual Fee for Gemini Crypto Credit Card?

There is no Intro Annual Fee for the Gemini's Crypto Credit Card.

What is the Annual Fee for Gemini Crypto Credit Card?

There is no Annual Fee for Gemini's Crypto Credit Card.

Card Rewards

Card Types

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