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Abra Credit Card Review

The Abra Credit Card is the first card on the American Express network that will let you earn cryptocurrency as part of the card’s rewards program. Abra announced the card in June 2022 and has released some preliminary details about the card including the list of cryptocurrencies you can earn and card fees. Abra will release more details of the card later in the year and send out an invite to apply for the card if you join the Abra Amex waitlist. Keep reading to see what we know so far.

Abra Credit Card Rating:


What We Know:

- Abra has just announced the first AmEx card that allows you to earn crypto on any of your card purchases. We expect that this card will have a plethora of non-crypto perks offered by other American Express cards.

Expected Details

Editorial Disclosure

In-depth Abra Credit Card Review

Why the Abra crypto credit card?

The details are limited, but expect Abra to offer a higher end feature assortment when compared to BlockFi or SoFi credit card. The AmEx partnership implies that this card will have high income and enjoy perks such as Amex Offers, presale tickets, global dining benefits, purchase protections, and crypto transfer partners (totally speculative).​

Abra Card Annual Fee?

A press release from Business Wire suggested that there will be a $0 annual fee for the Abra credit card. Abra will take one of two routes: (1) match the $0 AMF of SoFi, BlockFi, and Gemini or (2) introduce an annual fee card that has much better benefits. What could some of those benefits be? Appealing features would be early access to new cryptos, higher APY on staking, and waiving fees on crypto transactions within the app.

How do the Crypto Rewards work?

With Abra, you will spend and use the card as a normal credit card. However, instead of cash back or points - you will earn cryptocurrency. Abra has 100+ cryptocurrencies to choose from as your reward type. Ideally, you will be able to pick and change your crypto reward type from the Abra mobile app.

Potential Downsides of the Abra Card

The biggest potential downsides are customer support and execution of promised features. Often times FinTech companies like Abra have an idea for a groundbreaking product, but upon release the best features have been removed or are not available to US customers. Also, Abra has released very little about the features and pricing. The card could end up not being as good as we hope it is.


With so many unknowns about the Abra card, it is hard to recommend it at the moment. The possibility of having a crypto card on the AmEx network is exciting - but we can't recommend it until we know more.

Complete Card Details

Rewards Rate

Predicted: Up to 5% on special categories.

Welcome Bonus

Unknown at this time.

Typical Credit Score

Good, Excellent

Intro Annual Fee

Predicted: $0

Annual Fee

Predicted: $0

Additional User Annual Fee

Predicted: $0

Foreign Transaction Fee

Predicted: $0

Intro Purchase APR


Regular Purchase APR

Predicted: 12.99-24.99%

Cash Advance Fee

Predicted: $0

Cash Advance APR

Predicted: 12.99 - 19.99%

Late Fee


Intro Balance Transfer APR


Regular Balance Transfer APR


Penalty APR


Balance Transfer Fee


Return Payment Fee


Minimum Deposit


Credit Card Network

American Express

Credit Card Issuer


Abra Crypto AmEx Credit Card FAQ

Does the Abra have a credit card?

Yes, Abra network has a credit card in progress that is not available yet, but you can stay up to date by joining their waitlist. We did!

When is the Abra crypto card available?

The Abra crypto card will be released late 2023. You can join the waitlist to stay up to date on timing of the release and exclusive access to news and features.

What credit score do I need for the Abra credit card?

The exact credit score criteria hasn’t been revealed, but based on the network for this card we would expect you need to have Good or Excellent credit.

What cryptocurrencies can I earn with the Abra crypto credit card?

As of now, the 100+ crypto currencies available in the Abra app will be the same ones you can earn with your Abra card.

How do I join the wait list?

You can join the waitlist by clicking the sign up button below. Abra will email you when the card is released.

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Join the Abra card waitlist.

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Abra Crypto Credit Card Review