The BlockFi Visa® Credit Card is the first of its kind. Click “Get Started” to see if you qualify with no harm to your credit score.
BlockFi Bitcoin rewards credit card

*Qualified purchases and the other terms and conditions can be found on BlockFi’s website.

What are people saying?

Love It
Love this card. Very excited about the B¡tcoin reward feature. BlockFi has played a huge part in my investment portfolio and now I can earn even more.

Easy and Fast!
The process was very easy and fast. I just referred two of my friends and earned a bonus from BlockFi.

It even looks cool.
Pros: 2% stableco¡n bonus and initial 3.5% promotional earnings rate. It’s an innovative, mindless way to DCA into BT₵ through purchases you’re already making. Plus the card looks cool.

Credit card companies are extending some of the best offers we’ve ever seen. Take advantage of this unique rewards card today and start earning the internet’s favorite asset.

Why BlockFi by Visa?

Normal credit cards earn you cash back, this one gets you the DeFi rewards.
BlockFi Visa Bitcoin rewards credit card
Earn interests and bonuses on your holdings. Refer friends and get up to $30 per referral.
 Check if you qualify without harming your credit score. Click get started to earn up to 3.5% back on every purchase.

Advantages of the BlockFi Credit Card

  1. Spend anywhere Visa is accepted – the largest credit card network in the world.
  2. You can refer friends and earn $30 per referral.
  3. Checking to see if you qualify won’t hurt your credit score. 

How do I get a BlockFi Credit Card?

The easiest way to get an BlockFi Rewards card is to get one online. You can see if you would qualify for this card without harming your credit score by clicking our secure link to see if you qualify here. The specific card we recommend looking into first is the BlockFi Visa Rewards card. It is backed by Visa and will earn you 3.5% back initially on qualifying purchases. Once you click the link to fill out a form, you’ll be shown whether you would qualify or not. You’ll also see your potential credit limit and APR, to accept the offer proceed by clicking “Get Started”. Soon, you’ll receive your card in the mail and you can start earning rewards!