Celsius Network Review

What is the Celsius Network?

Celsius is a cryptocurrency app that enables users to purchase 10 specific cryptocurrencies and convert them into more than 30 other e-currencies. Users can also deposit their crypto into savings accounts and earn interest! This innovative platform has been specifically designed for beginners, as well as those interested in generating passive income from their investments. 


Perks of Celsius

Accessibility: Celsius brings the power of DeFi to your fingertips with an easy-to-use mobile app. Celsius is great for people who want access and control over their finances, without unnecessary fees or hassles associated with traditional banks. 

Variety of Services: Celsius offers an exciting array of financial services, from discounted loans to staking currencies to earn interest and getting “flash loans” instantly. It’s great seeing all the different ways people can put their assets at work!

CelPay: Unlike other platforms, CelPay allows you to easily and quickly send money in crypto. It’s a great way to send money to friends & family members who don’t yet have an account on Celsius or any other lending platform! The best part is that they don’t even need their own wallet because this system works without one – it just makes things easier than ever before.


Missing Features

Exchange: Celsius offers exceptional services, but it doesn’t have its own crypto exchange. The third-party exchanges it partners with offer the 10 cryptocurrencies for purchase or deposit we found them to be fairly basic in terms of features compared other platforms we’ve reviewed thus far. 

Limited Cryptocurrencies: Compared to other crypto networks, Celsius does not offer as many crypto options. Through Celsius, users can only purchase 10 different cryptocurrencies.

Overall Thoughts

Like we mentioned earlier, Celsius is primarily targeted to beginners. Due to the lack of an exchange and supported cryptos, users are limited to how actively they can trade crypto. However, Celsius does offer great features such as borrowing, and earning interest on your deposited crypto. If you are interested in signing up for Celsius, visit this link to get started! 

Does Celsius have a Credit Card?

Yes, Celsius has a credit card that earns crypto on every purchase. You can read our review here: Celsius Credit Card Review.

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