Which Crypto Visa Card is Best?

Our recommendation is pretty straight forward. If you have good or excellent credit apply for the BlockFi crypto rewards Visa credit card. Otherwise, try Upgrade’s Bitcoin rewards Visa credit card.

3.5% cash back blockfi credit card review

BlockFi Crypto Rewards Visa

Best Intro Rate: 3.5%
$ 0 Annual Fee
  • Earn the cryptocurrency of your choice
  • 3.5% back for 3 months - 1.5% after
  • See if you qualify without harming your credit score
Intro Offer
best for fair credit crypto credit cards - Upgrade bitcoin rewards credit card

Upgrade Bitcoin Rewards

Best for Rebuilding Credit + Rewards
$ 0 Annual Fee
  • $0 Annual Fee - Great for building credit
  • 1.5% back in Bitcoin
  • Credit lines from $500 to $25,000**

Why does my credit score matter?

Your credit score is a major part of the criteria that BlockFi and Upgrade will take into consideration when deciding to approve you or not for your card. Upgrade is a better card for someone with 675 credit or lower, they are focused more helping people rebuild or increase their credit score. If you already have a BlockFi account or have above a 675 credit score, we’d recommend applying for the BlockFi card since they have the better introduction rate.

Are crypto Visa cards free?

Both of the cards we have recommended do not have an annual fee. However, if you are late at making payments or carry a balance you will have to pay interest. In order to see how much interest you will have to pay, click on “Get Started”. If you do not want to pay interest, we recommend setting up auto-pay to pay 100% of the statement balance each month so there is no interest charged to your account. You can use these cards wisely and end up using them essentially for free to shop online, pay for groceries or wherever Visa is accepted. 

If you would like to read our full review of the Upgrade Bitcoin Visa Credit Card go here.

If you’re interested in the BlockFi Visa, check out this review Full BlockFi Credit Card Review.

What about the Gemini credit card?

The Gemini credit card would have been part of this list, but it is on the Mastercard network – not Visa.

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