Does SoFi Have a Credit Card?

How to maximize rewards and see if you would qualify for the SoFi credit card.

Yes! SoFi does have a credit card, but what makes it special? This credit card has several key features – it is marketed as the credit card for investors. You can make the most of this card if you are using the rewards to invest in crypto or stocks OR pay down a SoFi loan. 

In order to maximize the rewards you can get from the SoFi credit card, you need to setup a SoFi Active Invest account so you can have your rewards go into this account. SoFi will give you 2% back on all qualifying purchases for this account if you set it up this way. 

Alternatively, you can also get 2% back on your SoFi spending if you want to use the reward to pay down a SoFi loan. 

Once you have created a SoFi Active Invest account, you can use the rewards to invest into the stock of your choice or the cryptocurrencies they have in their platform. Currently, they have 30+ cryptocurrencies. This makes it a great card for those that want to earn alt-coins instead of Bitcoin. You can see the full list of cryptocurrencies they currently offer by visiting their website: SoFi Cryptocurrency List

You’ll need to at least have good credit be able to get approved for the SoFi Credit Card. If you want to see if you would be approved without harming your credit score, fill out the form on their credit card application page but don’t proceed past the decision page. If you want to checkout our full review check out the Crypto Cards SoFi Credit Card Review. If you’re ready to see if you would be approved for the card and your potential credit line, go ahead and get started below. 

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