The Gemini Credit Card – What We Know So Far.

Some crypto credit cards have already reached the market with crypto rewards programs, but there are some crazy initiatives in the background to create revolutionary credit products – one of those being Gemini. 

Gemini has been working on a credit card that should allow users several highly anticipated features, including (1) competitive rewards (2) wide selection of crypto rewards and (3) no annual fee.

The rewards program is currently teased as up to 3% back on any purchase. This would put it as a more competitive version of the BlockFi card, but we are predicting that the 3% back is only on certain categories or part of an introduction offer.

We’re also excited to see a wider selection of cryptocurrencies that you can be rewarded in. Currently, most cards only feature Bitcoin as the reward currency. With Gemini, they plan to allow the user to select over 40+ different cryptocurrencies as the reward type. 

Gemini is planning to launch this card packed with rewards perks and features at a cost of $0 per year. No annual fee cards are great for users to open and hold onto because they won’t be incurring any cost of membership if you decide not to use it. Having longer credit history can actually help you get better credit products in the future. 

We’ll post more updates about the Gemini card as they become available, but if you’re interested in joining the waitlist, click here to join.

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