Do you meet SoFi’s Credit Score Requirements?

The typical credit score needed to apply for the SoFi Rewards Credit Card is between 680 – 850. Luckily SoFi has a pre-qualification tool, so you can fill out some basic info and they’ll tell you if you meet their credit score requirements and would qualify for their credit card before doing a hard pull on your credit score. You can checkout this pre-qualification tool by clicking here

A pre-qualification tool does something called a soft credit pull, so SoFi can see your credit worthiness without doing a hard credit pull (which does ding your credit score temporarily). If you decide you want to apply for the SoFi credit card, you can proceed in the application process, but if you’re just checking if you would qualify in the first place – there is no risk in harming your credit score to check.

The SoFi credit card isn’t ideal for users who have fair or poor credit because of their credit score requirements. If your credit score is less than 650, you may want to consider a credit card from Mission Lane. Making on time payments and utilizing less than 30% of your credit line will help you continue to build your credit score. 

The SoFi credit card is great for people who have a loan with SoFi or who want to use their investing platform. If you want to read a comprehensive review of their credit card. Check our review SoFi Rewards Credit Card review.

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